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Coding Alphabets for kids

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Creating Innovators

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This book is designed for children ages 5 and above. We aim to familiarize kids with coding and computer terms which are common and very much used in computer programming languages with everyday life experiences.

Everyone learns to read and write by learning the alphabets at first. When you know the ABC's of programming language, you are capable of writing a code. Technology and computers are going to be a growing part of everything we'll do in the future so learning about computer programming is the way to bring your ideas to life.

Our book explains the common coding terms with easy-going examples and gives ideas and viewpoints from our everyday life to understand the meaning of the term. The materials are flexible and usable in any learning environment. 

The aim of this book is also to teach the 21st-century skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, innovation, and communication. It is a scientific way of learning alphabets and basics of computer science.

Learning changes our thinking, attitudes, and strategies in more flexible manner. Learning is understanding, it's a new combination of knowledge and skills and the organization of data structures. This implies to the adaption of the new concepts and makes the perception deeper. We believe learning computational thinking in early stage empowers children and give them tools to express themselves. To solve the everyday problems, everybody needs to learn basics of computer programming, and it should start from the very early stage.

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